Rasping sound

Hello there,
Since a few days I’m running OpenSuse 13.2 and everything works well so far :good:.

The only problem is that the sound is rasping/scraping. I noticed this in the Spotify web player and while playing Dota2. In Amarok it seems I don’t have that problem.

As soundcard I have a XonarDS that is properly recognized in YaST. In addition, the HDMI output of my nvidia card is recognized as a sound card, but in the KDE sound settings I have set the Xonar as the primary device.

Does anyone have an idea or what further information is required?

Thanks and Greetings

Are you sure you have the proper codecs from packman and don’t have mixed versions from different repos??

How do I check this? I just made a installation with the default settings but als marked the option to install gstreamer-fluendo.