Raspi 3 XFCE image fails on first boot


Downloaded the Raspi 3 XFCE image dated 04.12.2017 and checked the sha256 sum. Burned it to a 16 GB SD-card (Sandisk ultra, in the meantime I tried 3 different cards, all working fine with images of Raspbian).

On first boot I get “Loading …vmx”, then “Loading initram.vmx” and the a kernel panic:

Initramfs unpacking failed: write error
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable Unable to mount root fs on unusal block 0/0

I also tried to prepare the card with Win32Diskimager, same result. I tried this here


Makes no difference.

Anyone who got this image to work?

For the JeOS image it’s fixed, two things had to change, serial is now on ttyS1 and reduce the cma entry to 300M from 384.

Do you have a access to serial connection? Try the above with memory, also look at increasing the debug log level to 9. Just press e to edit grub and add on the linux line.

OK, confirmed, all the images got changed (see at the end of line 21);

It takes awhile for the changes to propagate out for download…

…some days? Will wait then… Will the image date change, so that I can see somethink has changed? :wink:

Many thanks for the reply!

Yes the image date will change, many days more likely, things move slow through the build process and openQA… The memory change is only needed to boot the first time, the serial change can be made permanent via yast bootloader…


Stay away from Win32DiskManager, it can’t do anything useful
Always wipe the install media (sdcard) before burning a new image to it
Always use the exact procedure described in the Download page for your image to burn the image, don’t use Rasbian or Windows or any other tools.


“Always wipe the install media (sdcard) before burning a new image to it”

…I usually format the cards in my photo cam, is that enough?

On Fri 26 Jan 2018 05:06:02 PM CST, suse rasputin wrote:

“Always wipe the install media (sdcard) before burning a new image to

…I usually format the cards in my photo cam, is that enough?

I use the wipefs -a command from linux to clean out the partitions and

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Since an sdcard is solid state,
It’s probably good enough to fdisk or gdisk, removing partitions.

Didn’t really mean to go the extra step to zero out the data or similar, although it might also be a good idea to clear the memory traps with TRIM (although I haven’t actually done this, but then I usually use 16GB and 32GB sdcards which means I always have plenty of available storage).