Raspberry Pi4 opinion

I have been running Tumbleweed on my Pi4 and I am truly impressed by the Pi’s performance. I am considering replacing my desktops with Pi’s. Some software is still not available for aarch64. Skype and a fully working Wine emulator as well codecs for videos. Raspberry Pi OS, the recommended OS works pretty well, but it’s based on Debian which I don’t care for. So I am patiently waiting for Tumbleweed to incorporate the changes I need.


There’s a general movement to ARM – SUSE has a team supporting ARM servers – Apple is moving to ARM …

  • And, the Raspberry Pi 400 is a very interesting piece of Desktop hardware …

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Well today zypper tells me there are 769 updates. It’s been downloading for over an hour. Somebody has been busy!

Do you not see/read the notifications… will give you insight into what the update contains…


I’ve been considering installing openSUSE on my raspberry pi4 as well but was concerned with performance. Ubuntu is currently on it, and i have to admit the performance is by far sub-par. I look forward to installing openSUSe on it, thanks for this post. I’ll go ahead with my plan now.