Raspberry Pi Autostart issues on my KDE openSUSE

Hello everyone ,

I’ve been trying to figure out how to autostart any apllcation on my Opensuse for my raspberry pi, but I still can’t find a solution, nothing works for me. I changed the KDE settings but no effect at all, I can see the autostart .desktop in my .config folder, but when I reboot it has no effect on all the setting i make in KDE setting ,

Can anyone please help me . Really appreciate it.
I have uploaded the screenshot of my screen in the link as follow:

Thank you.

KDE settings are valid for the KDE environment of a specific KDE user (the one that rules the settings), They have nothing to do with starting on boot, They start on login of that specific user.

i see. i am the owner of the raspberry pi now . Can you teach me how to resolve AutoStart application issues ?
Thank you so much.

Sorry, I do not understand the importance of this. You may be the owner (you payed for it, or got it as a present, …), or not (hired it, have it on loan, …), but that has no influence whatsoever on the chnival questions.

I will try to explain gain what I tried to explain above.

Are you looking for something to be started on boot of the system?

Or are you looking for something to be started for a user at login of that user into a KDE session?

Maybe you could help us understanding what you want by explaining what you want to start.