Raspberry Pi - An ARM Linux box


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Love to get my hands on one of those.

Me too… November, so not far away…

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Or even win one… http://www.raspberrypi.org/?p=55#more-55

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Makes me feel old. I still have two bulky old desktop computers, one I recall costing me over a thousand USD. It going to be harder and harder to find parts for these.

Failed art at school unfortunately.

There is so much which can be done to promote GNU/Linux on inexpensive hardware/devices; obviously in the long run, Wintel cannot compete in the new world order.

Chances are many people already have Linux powered devices at home that they don’t realise: the broadband modem/router, the Android phone, the e-reader, the hard disk TV recorder, the SAN appliance, etc. etc.

Most people I know either do not care what is the latest Wintel hardware on the horizon, or are going Apple/OSX. Windows 8 will be a flop,
trust me.

Somebody once commented that if you have to use Windows, skip every other major release:

W98 ok
W2000 flop
XP ok
Vista flopzilla
7 ok
8 predict flop

W2000 was much better than W98 in my books. Process memory was at least protected so not every buggy application or driver could write memory of some vital system processes :slight_smile: and so it was possible to run it for much longer without a crash.

Anyway I agree with your predictions concerning 8 :slight_smile:

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He might be thinking of ME. That was forced and essentially a placeholder for XP.

If so ME was the worst Windows I ever used :slight_smile: Even 3.11, which was not an OS, was still much better to use from my experience.

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On 31/08/11 00:46, ken yap wrote:
> Love to get my hands on one of those.

And now you can -


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I think Windows Me was the one on all of the places I’ve seen this “chart” (graphic, whatever). Windows 2000 was like a hybrid but it was pushed to businesses as a split approach (98/Me to consumers, 2000 to businesses). They merged them back together with XP.

Does anyone know if there will be a derivative of OpenSuSE that will work with the ARM processor of the Raspberry Pi? I’ve got one ordered and have the archlinux and debian flavors. OpenSuSE would be my first choice if it’s available.

Isn’t Fedora another supported Linux flavor?

As of this morning, 03-08-12, the answer would be “no”. I believe that people at Fedora are working toward an image for Raspberry Pi, but apparently it is not ready yet. Here is a link to the Raspberry Pi download site: Downloads | Raspberry Pi