Raspberry Pi 4B - set display to 1080P when monitor is off.

I tried setting it via xrand but if the monitor attached is off you only get 1280x786 display.

Raspbarian has a way with the config.txt file in /boot - but openSUSE does not have that.

How do I do that in openSUSE - I have 3 Pi 4B but one monitor and when all 3 reboot only one is the right 1920x1080 - the one on the monitor - the others (on a HDMI switch) do not see that resolution.

So I have to do an init 6 on each one with the monitor attached to fix the resolution.

There has to be a boot option somewhere to fix this.

did a search for config.txt

It appears in /boot/efi

It suggested putting changes in extraconfig.txt so I created it with this: (every suggestion found on the internet for the Pi 4B)

rpi02:~ # cat /boot/efi/extraconfig.txt
rpi02:~ # 

I could not tell if it worked as the HDMI Switch selected this pi and connected to the monitor on the reboot.