Rasmus Plewe release email real or spam?

Hi guys,

At the end of every BETA/RC testing of opensuse, prior to a release, I get an email from a guy named RASMUS PLEWE asking for my address to ship a free box of the upcoming opensuse version and a t-shirt.

Is he really from opensuse? Do you really get the box with a DVD inside and a t-shirt, all for free? Or is this guy some spam?

Sorry about the rude question, but we never know and the email has no logo, almost plain text and nothing gives me much confidence, especially that I have not seen his name anywhere else nor did I ask to receive these emails (yes I would like the free box :), but I want to make sure).

Linux Beta Test Coordinator
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nuernberg)
Maxfeldstrasse 5, D-90409 Nuernberg
Rasmus Plewe <rplewe@????.??>


I would say it probably is, also with all due respect if your going to
post an email address please munge it.

To any mod online, can you please edit the original post to munge the

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I thought about the email address but by showing it, it could have reminded someone who would have seen the email elsewhere.

I cannot edit the original post, the option to edit does not exist on all my original posts. The option to delete it does not exist as well. If an admin can edit it or delete the thread, I’m fine with that.

Done +??s -real stuff;)

Keep the bots from picking him up;)

PM kgroneman openSUSE Forums - View Profile: kgroneman & ask him;)

Kim is a Novell/SuSE person.

AFAIK he is the beta testing co-ordinator :wink:


A quick Google search shows his LinkedIn page.

Rasmus Plewe - LinkedIn

He is in fact Technical Project Manager QA at Novell SUSE Linux GmbH

If the man is offering you a free boxed version of openSUSE 11.1 and a T-Shirt, by all means, give the man your size and address.:wink:

Ok then yes I will let him know and get my DVD and t-shirt. :slight_smile:

(I still PMed earlier kgro, but will order anyway)

I don’t know why me and not all the people testing the betas. I mean why not you, snakedriver and others…

I must have completed some kind of form somewhere when I registered in a past life. loll

tnx! :slight_smile:

No no – give him mine!

I don’t know your info so I sent him mine instead

I also received the email.

If you would like to get this free (as in “beer” :wink: box plus find out
what we need the T-shirt size for, please send the following information
back to me until monday (sorry about the short notice, but Santa was
adamant about his deadline)[0]:


I had a little trouble figuring out what “Address1” should be. I always thought that Street, Zip, City, State and Country IS already an address. Anyway I put my floor and door number there.

Probably they got our emails from bugzilla (based on the numbers of bugs reported? dunno).

You must be a bug reporter and they wanna thank you. I got it too. Got same email in 11.0 release. :slight_smile:

Cymerio, like email says, you can leave blanks in that line.

Address 1 would be your street address. Address 2 would be Apt # or Suite #.

and 4th part whould be?

Correct, I reported a few in bugzilla. As I did in 11.0 and got the email too. Me too I made 11.1 better. :slight_smile:

4th part?


It’s the street. :slight_smile: What I did is I just put the house number in Address1, say “1234” and then in Street I put the street’s name, say “King St”

So I live at “1234, King Street”.

GO IT!!! :slight_smile: 3 weeks after the release date, overseas to Canada, with 2-3 Holidays during the 3 weeks.

It is really true that email! I got a FULL RETAIL BOX, more beautiful than the ones you see for Windows on tv or at shops. :slight_smile: I got a NICE black t-shirt with NON CHEAP prints! Got 2 DVDs, one for 32-64bits versions and the other for Commercial Softwares (I must check that one). Also got a 3-4in long 9-LED flashlight!! WITH batteries! :slight_smile: It is working superbly! I will definitely use that flashlight.

And I will participate more to beta testing and get my suse box for every release. :slight_smile:

You must file bugs on buzilla to receive the email.

Long live suse and linux!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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I got mine today WOOHOOrotfl!
Nice shirt and that flashlight sure is bright:O

I got mine last Thursday. Really nice shirt! I can’t get the flashlight to work though. I tried three new AAA batteries but no luck.

try flipping the battery holder around the male goes toward the
ooo (bulbs
^ (end with *** sticking out
||| (batteries
^ (end with indent