RapberryPi 1 & 2: images unavailable

Today I tried to download the Leap 15 images for the Pi1 and the Pi2 from the wiki, but all images seem to be unavailable. The Tumbleweed images can be downloaded, but I prefer Leap for what I want to do with them. Who can I contact to report this or are the images available from another source?


Keep and eye out down here;


AFAIK it’s still W.I.P.

I don’t know what’s the story about LEAP and RPi1 and RPi-Zero,
These are ARMv6 and I see only TW… no LEAP directories.
Maybe someone decided to build only TW for those RPi models.

Looks like RPi2 is in the repo although the HCL:RPi2 hasn’t yet been updated…


Thanks for the reply! I’ll give the Leap RPI2 image here a try. Since there seems to be no image of Leap for the Pi1 (still have one lying around), I’ll install Tumbleweed on that one.