rApache and openSUSE 12.2

Main issue that I’m having concerns the fact that I can’t connect my .r or .rhtml scripts when invoking i.e. localhost/r/test.r in openSUSE 12.2. I have installed apache2, R and rApache with no problems as localhost/RApacheInfo works perfectly.

This is my rapache.conf file
LoadModule R_module /usr/lib/apache2/mod_R.so

<Location /RApacheInfo>
SetHandler r-info

<Directory “/srv/www/r/”>
SetHandler r-script
RHandler sys.source

and I placed test.r inside /srv/www/r/ dir. I tried every combination, with or without “”, changing file privileges, using location instead of directory.

This is test.r file
cat(“Hello from R!”)

Any ideas?