Rant need a better way...

Ok I begin my rant that we need a better way to get bugs reported. Has anyone else had these happen in 11.2??

  • You click to close a window and poof! all windows minimize on all desktops!
  • You make changes to a file in dolphin and the auto-backup of the file doesn’t show in the list until quite some time later like when you click to open another file and suddenly get (the how you want this [backup] opened)
  • you’d like to submit a bug report but you must set-up a new email account due to publically visible spam freindly email address.

I don’t know about you, but while I’m eager to improve the distro and apps of the distro, I’m not partial to anything that makes it easy for spammers to flood me with junk!>:(

  1. No
  2. never had this either
  3. I use my gmail account/s and I never see any spam in my inbox. I do get spam but it never bothers me. And amazingly I never find messages I want in the spam.

I too have not experienced those things you point out, but I have long been an advocate of a much more efficient, easier, and user-friendly bug reporting system.

  1. Cannot copy.
  2. Never seen it
  3. Same as Caf., but I think bug-reporting could be improved.

I’ve been discussing bug-reporting lately with some friends. One of them said IHO it should be something the desktop user should be able to turn on/off, if “on” and a bug is found and reproducable, create the report automagically.

Ever subscribed to a mailing list? Check the archives.

Your email address is only visible to people logged into Bugzilla. I wouldn’t worry about spam.


That’s like automatically with a touch of Wizardry…

3- For Gnome there is bug-buddy, but also thought you can use with other
DE’s? It can also be disable via an entry in your ~/.profile

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I have noticed an uninteresting message get put in the spam folder though wrongly, it was on mail list and just a pointless post rather than real SPAM, finding it (and a reply to it) there did concern me a little.

I’d think a priority is to make information better, example from things like stack traces, mozilla manage to regenerate a full stack trace from saved symbolic info despite the distributed versions being stripped. Also it’s pointless submitting a YaST issue without saved logs, as you just get asked for them no matter what.

Whilst in theory more convenient bug reporting sounds great, I wonder about the practical effect at moment, without better automagically generated info. Most of the effort is in describing problem, providing the right info; all to often bugs don’t get a satisfying amount of attention, at the time that’s convenient. Suddenly 2 months later getting asked to provided a “NEEDINFO” on something that required a particular setup which is long gone, when there appeared to be no interest in the issue at the time is frustrating.
One area where MS do seem to have a real lead is on the instrumentation and trouble shooting stuff to make Windows run more reliably.

here’s my dilemma: I have 91062 archive html source files some with old info some with still valid info. So I open filex.html and it shows in the browser and I notice a link is bad on the page so I choose to open source in kwrite fix the link and save sometimes under the same name other times I need to choose a better name. I refresh the browser if saved under same name and continue to check links. after that page is fixed I close the browser and fetch next file from dolphin. As I move from using kwrite back to the browser or back to dolphin (eg kwrite closed) I quite frequently suddenly have both dolphin and konqueror minimize and when I redisplay them sometimes it works other times they flash visible for a moment then close. In dolphin during all this, sometimes the backup shows sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes when I click and the backup doesn’t show I get the pop-up asking how it is to open the backup file and dolphin shows the backup at that point. When I began this long update process I was using openSUSE 11.1 / KDE4.3-kwrite / dolphin and nothing went wrong. Now i’m using openSUSE 11.2 / KDE4.3-kwrite / dolphin and have lots of interuptions.

My misgivings about spam come from when I set up an account for Mandrake mail and averaged 100 to 200 garbage spams per day until I got rid of the account. my current email specifically set up for openSUSE replies gets 1 to 5 spams per week but has been gradually increasing but far more livable.