Random reboots traced to zswap


There are random reboots with zswap enabled at boot time or post boot.

I am using this kernel option for booting.

zswap.enabled=1 zswap.max_pool_percent=40 zswap.zpool=zbud zswap.compressor=lzo zswap.same_filled_pages_enabled=0

I use low TDP CPU, low ram (board limitations) hardware. This setup used to work til last month but I reckon a liblzo2 update wrecked this.

SUSE doesn’t support lz4 compression and z3fold zpool. What should I do to try lz4 compression with z3fold. lz4 offers more speed and z3fold zpool offers higher compression ratio. I am using this system as a centralized logger & data visualizer where zswap will really make a difference (or it made a huge difference in past with literally no lag or freeze).


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You can’t, I can :smiley:

Thank you!