Random Logouts when logged IN.

I have been experiencing logouts when opening thread links in a new tab or new window from an existing open and logged in session window.

Has anyone else been getting this. Or is it just me. Maybe I need to do a cache and cookie clear.?

Thing is it’s random. If I open a window from a link and it comes up as a logged out page, I close it. And open the same link again it can be ok - logged in.:\

I get random logouts too. What’s particularly irritating is I get them in the middle of a post I’m trying to write. I suspect a bad/intermittent Internet connection, or maybe an overloaded one (I’m running ktorrent all the time). Can you relate to that?

JosipBroz: Yes it happens in the middle of writing a post or at least when you submit and you are logged out - but if you hit back, copy and paste your typed text, it can save you having to do it all again.

BUT. I do not use ktorrent all the time. Mine runs all night seeding OS11. Well not ktorrent, usually azureus/vuze. I don’t really suspect this as the culprit. More likely related to they way things are handled at the forum server end.