Random logouts and reboot

In the past 2 weeks I notice 3 random logouts. I am doing nothing at the time and see a flash and then presented with a login screen. When I log back in, all running applications have shutdown, all windows have been closed.

I also had the system reboot on me while doing nothing. Has anyone else experienced the same?

I recommend running some hardware diagnostics on this machine. Some UEFI/BIOS include system diagnostic utilities that may be useful here. There are live distro options providing diagnostics and stress testing utilities as well.

Reminds me of a past issue (months ago)

I had a very arcane issue with my all-AMD desktop - one moment, working on stuff, then (very randomly) the machine goes non-responsive, and screen goes blank as if it shutdown , without powering off.

I had to add a couple of AMD related boot arguments. Problem then disappeared.

(Asus mobo, AMD proc, AMD graphics)

The system is auto logging me out, for this bug how would this be a hardware problem?

As you wrote in your first post that you also had unexpected reboots, you don‘t know if hardware issues are involved until you test it.

As I wrote previously, my random issue is hardware related, which is why I have to add two arguments to the boot line.
(amd.gpu settings).

I just installed Leap 15.6 on that machine last night … after the install completed, I booted in and same behavior (so not a TW prob), so I shut down, booted to grub, edited the boot line, it worked (no random logout lock up etc), so permanently added the two boot arguments using Yast2.

I’m not suggesting yours is an AMD issue (you never listed your HW), but yes, hardware can affect a running OS.

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Let’s focus on the multiple random logouts, nothing to do with hardware, just doesn’t make sense. So it follows
this software bug would also result in a random reboot.

@myswtest I also have a AMD CPU and it’s been solid for many year with TW, but all these recent changes with KDE and Wayland has been breaking system for others (including myself). It what’s been annoying for me the most, the instability of KDE.

I don’t know maybe I will need to do a clean re-install of TW, I just rather not go that route right now.

I have ALSO been running TW for years on this very SAME machine and from one day to the next, the problem cropped up.

I spent a solid two+ weeks searching for a solution and found it, strangely, in a lengthy thread about AMD gpus. I’m a 30+ year sw engineer (now retired for 3 years), so no stranger to oddball hw/sw conflicts.
Good luck you find a solution :+1:


Possibly something wrong waking from sleep? Might be worth if in plasma toggling “manually block sleep and screen locking” in the power management widget and seeing if problem goes away -nothing else crashing.

Since the plasma 6 update I encounter occasional crashes like that, it happen sometimes not so long after waking up from sleep and entering my password to unlock the session, everything work as expected until a specific action on my part make X11 crash resulting in a black screen and getting back to SDDM, it could be clicking or hovering a link on my web browser or clicking an icon on MPV to leave fullscreen.

It’s pretty random so I don’t know what exactly trigger the bug, I do not know if it happen on wayland too since I only use X11, I have NVIDIA proprietary drivers installed ( GTX 1070 GPU ).

Plasma 6 in general is less stable than Plasma 5 on my side, some zypper dup make plasmashell crash like the last one with snapshot 20240412 while updating the kernel…

For me the problem is not after waking up from sleep, it occurs during regular use, and happen when its idle. No mouse moves or clicks, no keyboard operations.

It hasn’t happen for the past few days. So I don’t know if it’s some software causing the system to glitch, or one of the updates has fixed it.

I just posted to find out if others were seeing this same problem from recent updates.

FYI: My system is running 24/7 and I only lock it out, don’t even suspend to RAM. I use to suspend to RAM in the past, but seem like for me a bug creeped in months ago that cause my system not to wake (sometimes).

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