random green dot appearing behind clock in KDE tray

since updating to KDE 4.14.9 a few days ago I am getting a random green dot (or perhaps small triangle) behind the clock in the KDE tray.
You can see it in this shot just behind the 0


anybody else seeing such a thing?
If I click the clock it disappears but will then reappear a short time later.

What happens if you remove the clock or move it. looks like something is underneath

If you lock widgets, does it go away?

thanks for the replies.
If I remove the clock the dot disappears - if I re add the clock it reappears.
My widgets are usually locked but when the issue shows up again I’ll try unlocking the widgets to see if it makes a difference.

I went off to work this morning and let the computer go into standby on battery. When I came back a few hours ago and powered back up it hasn’t as yet reappeared.
I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens but it had until now persisted over multiple reboots.

To me it looks normaly as the point to click on to let it explode in the hidden applets/icons (like device notifier, Kwallet if running and a few others). And it says something like that when I hover over it.

In my desktop (KDE 4.11.5) it is white with a thin grey border, but other icons there, like Klipper and Volume, look a bit different also. I guess they call that a different “theme”.

As a workaround, try another theme to see if the triangle persists.

system settings > workspace appearance > desktop theme

Also try a new user, it might be some incompatible config left from the previous KDE minor version.