Ran online update now RC1 is screwed

RC1 from KDE CD install, two days old.

I managed to get my atheros driver installed after a lot of bother, then was able to run the online update from yast. It indecated a kernel update needed and about 4 other items. I let it run, rebooted and am now on a boot with kernel from 2.6.24.X… Only trouble is I can see a whole lot of items failing on boot now and the whole thing ends up at a text console login.

Is the update process broken?

I guess there are a few kernel modules that need recompiling, but why didn’t the update process deal with it?

I’m having the exact opposite problem you are. The update process boots up fine, no hanging, but the atheros driver will not work with ndiswrapper or madwifi…
What did you do to get your atheros driver working? And how did you do it without internet?

I had that same problem with the first kernel update for
the gnome live cd. Solved it by booting the old kernel and
had yast to propose a new bootloader setup.

This sort of wireless breakage happens quite often with a kernel update. For you now, you just need to search for, and find, the updated madwifi-kmp-<your kernel flavor> package specific to the new kernel, and install it.

To avoid a “chicken-before-the-egg” situation (where you have no internet access, but need to download off the internet, to get internet access), it is often useful BEFORE doing an update is 1st check to see if it includes a kernel update … IF it includes a kernel update, then one should first download to one’s PC the rpm for the madwifi-kmp-<your kernel flavor>, … then after the kernel update, but BEFORE rebooting, one installs the updated madwifi-kmp-<your kernel flavor>.

Many proprietary drivers can be impacted by a kernel update, … not only proprietary wireless, but also proprietary graphic card drivers, proprietary webcam drivers, virtual environments, etc …