RAM memory on an old computer

Used or not, surely Sweden recognizes a warantee. Even with a package open, if a product FAILS, ie does not work for anyone, then I can’t believe Swedish law says a warantee is illegal.

That was the point I was trying to make.

Yes, warranty is there like any other EU country.

I bought this Samsung 22 inches monitor nearly 3 weeks ago. Samsung SyncMaster 226BW is my new monitor.

I found a very small problem. They gave me a completley a new monitor. I just used it for about 10 days. I got a new one from the Samsung (not from the shop). Because of the warranty, they are obliged to give me a new one.

Now I found out the problem is on my system. There are no problems with Samsung monitors.

I am running 2 computers with a single monitor.

For this end, I bought a ‘2 Port Mini KVM Switch’. The switch is not 100 percent compatible with the Samsung monitor. I talked to the manufacturers of the switch [www.deltaco.eu].

The DVI connection is dead thanks to the switch.
I am using the VGA.

If I remove the switch and connect the monitor to a single computer, it works perfect.
However, I want to run 2 computers for obvious reason.

I just want to tell you that warranty is there like other countries.

I told you that I inserted 1GB RAM module. If it goes to hell, within a year. They will give me a new one.

I have some plans to buy a new 1TB hard drive to one of my computers. I will install it myself. If it does not work, they will give me a new one immediately. However, I can’t lie.
They have a lie detector.]
They will install on one of their computers to check the fault.

The things are different when buying UNIX books. I can return them within 14 days. I can read them and copy them too. However, I never returned UNIX books. The bookshops have a different criteria.

For 64-bit AMD processors (sockets 939, 940, AM2) I like to install RAM in identical pairs in order to take advantage of 128-bit memory access.

Good luck!

I have a 4-port VGA KVM. On my gaming machine I use DVI, the other 3 machines use the VGA connector and when needed I use my LCD monitor to switch display from VGA to DVI and back.