RaLink RT2561T install...

Hey guys! I’m very new to openSUSE, so I need easy, clear instructions on how to install the driver for RaLink RT2561T wi-fi card. I have the driver and everything, I just don’t have a clue on how to install it!
Thank you!

This should do it

It by itself didn’t do it… Or if it did I don’t know how to conect now! KNetwork manger won’t work… It says “KNetwork manger disabled” I am trying some other stuff I found on YaST. Will let you know if it works! Thanks for the quick answer!

Ok, so it says everything installed, but KNetwork manger still wont work. What next?

Hey it works! I figured out how to enable KNetwork manger, and she runs! thanks guys!
(I’ve been trying to get this going ALL DAY LONG!!!)

Well done
I went to bed.