rake RANDOMLY starts and hangs all the system

Hello guys, I need your help.

I have opensuse build server and worker on same machine right now and I need to build some project inside my local network soon. When I’m trying to build some project taken from build.opensuse.org everything use to be ok, but sometime obs-gui stops respond and everything (like ssh) starts work quite slowly.

The problem is that rake process randomly starts and loads all CPU cores, so I can’t access to the web gui at all and can’t get work normally ssh service. After “killall -u wwwrun obsrun” services stats to respond. What actually going on and how can I fix that?

Computer specs are: core2 duo, 1gb ddr2. This screen may be helpful

for example, I may have **EMPTY project **on my local obs-sever, but some process loads system and makes work with web-gui or ssh impossible just after I chose some platform as a build target!

Cpu is dual-core (core2 duo), /etc/sysconfig/obs-server also contains:


what’s wrong?

everything runs fine on kvm virtual machine with 2gb ram and single core (server and worker configured out of the box).

So, minimal system requirement should be at least 2gb of ram for any obs node.