Raising the Server based on Opensuse

Dear All,

I would like to ask your opinion, suggestion and possibly a short guide for a raising the server in a small office with 12 workstations in LAN and 4 other workstations connecting remotely.

Server tasks:

  1. Access to the printer
  2. File server with different permissions to different folders.

Current Setup:
Company is running an outdated and old Windows server which gives a lot of hassle everyday. The remote access to files in it (from home for example) is done trough FortiVPN which works very bad. The idea is to raise the Linux server and slowly transfer every workstation to Linux also. Connection to printer for new workstations is very difficult (Printer SHARP D2500N). Tried to do it from LInux (had Fedora 32 that time) - it was found, added, shows the printer job completed, but never printed anything in real :frowning:

**Ideal result dream:
**Access to files and folders with different permissions, access to printer for everyone from office and also if possible the ability to use printer in office from home (but not essential) secure enough and without using the VPN connection for remote access.

I would highly appreciate any guidance and suggestions, as I am not a specialist in linux server application, I used it a lot as a daily OS for my workstation and very happy with it.

Thank you in advance.

Assuming all partners are running openSUSE (or at least Linux), you can use CUPS for printer server and NFS for file server.

If Linux (or Apple Mac) then, printing is via CUPS …
If Linux then, file servers are NFS servers …

Are you absolutely certain that, the printer is a Sharp D2500N and not a DX2500n?