raid10 module not loaded in installation image

I am trying to install 11.2 on a system with RAID-1 /boot partition and RAID-10 / (root) partition. I have done this before with 10.3 but am hitting a wall with 11.2. In particular, the boot image loads and then halts when it tries to load the RAID-10 root partition saying that the personality is not laoded. modprobe shows that the raid10 module does not appear to be part of the boot image. I cannot find anything in the installation that will allow me to specify a module to include in the init image.

How do I tell the installer to include an additional module?

11.1 is able to boot after install, 11.2 is not

11.2 does not appear to load the needed modules

Try to install via textmode which should get you into the linuxrc upfront of the YaST installer. There you might be able to select the module you’re looking for.

Thanks for the tip, I might try that next time.

I just tried a base install and then using the rescue image to mount the filesystem, edit the /etc/sysconfig/kernel file to include the raid10 module, and then mkinitrd to install the kernel. I was then able to boot and continue the installation. In opensuse 11.1 the kernel file was pre-edited by the installer so the initrd was correct from the start. 11.2 seems to have lost that step of the process.