Raid1 boot on suse 11.1


On server with SCSI two disk I have problems with boot server on fresh installation 11.1.:wink:

When put new installation

I create on sda1 /boot (ext3),
sda2 /swap and
sda3 /RAID (option no formatting),

on sdb1 RAID (option no formatting)and the same location as sda3.

Then create array raid1 on dev/md0 and put sda3 and sdb1 on ext3 /.:expressionless:

Installation goes without errors but at first restart server on booting hung up.
I think there is a problem with Grub bootloader but I don’n know where to start problem.

For interesting work suse 10.3 at this server fine with same configuration as I create on 11.1.:’(

Please help me.:slight_smile: