RAID vs softRAID consideration due to F6 driver load issue upon installation

I’m attempting to load a “RocketRAID 2640X1” driver during an OpenSUSE 11.4 installation so that I can install OpenSUSE directly onto a physical RAID. I’ve extracted the file (which has supposedly been compiled for OpenSUSE 11.0) from a tgz file and placed it directly on to the root of an USB flash drive. Upon pointing the installation to the USB flash drive to load the driver, it fails to see the driver I want installed. I’m unsure if the reason why the driver seems to have failed detection for installation is due to a missing folder structure or other needed files needed for the installation to locate and recognize the driver.

Any help would be appreciated with a priority for getting a physical RAID installed. If, however, that seems unlikely. Can anyone explain if there are down fails for me doing a software RAID through the SUSE install instead of a physical RAID? Thanks again for any help provided.

Something compiled for 11.0 does not mean it will work with 11.4 And are you sure it was compiled for OpenSUSE 11.0 and not Novell SLES 11.0?

I was unaware of the possible issues of using a driver compiled for 11 for 11.4

I found the source from a previous version of this driver and compiled it on a copy of OpenSUSE 11.4 I installed on a USB flash drive. I then started the installation to install it on the server itself and when attempting to load the driver for the installation, it again failed to locate the driver. I went into the command prompt and copied the driver from the USB flash drive to the driver folder (lib/modules/'uname -r '/initd/ I then used “depmod -a” followed by “modprobe rr26xx.” I received a “Killed” message. When i attempted to run modprobe rr26xx it froze the system. Any ideas?

Once again, any assistance is appreciated.

Lots of things changed from 11.0 to 11.4 many many new kernels so a simple recompile may not be enough. Also note that it may have been written for the commercial Novell version not the Open source version of SUSE. They are from the same stock but many things may differ. So you really need to determine if this is really for OpenSUSE or the SLES versions.

Thank you gogalthorp. While I’m attempting to get support to answer me or supply me with the correct files, I was hoping you could answer my other quandary with regards to what if I simply do not use the controller and go software with the RAID using the SUSE installation setup? Are there differences or concerns I need to be aware of? Since it would be a software RAID would it be more vulnerable to an unsuccessful rebuild if there were to be a hard drive failure?

Not that I’m aware of.
In Linux: Software RAID works fine. Real Hardware RAID works fine. BIOS assisted RAID is spotty. Some brands work some do not.