RAID Setup & Install Problem

Hey all… Could really use some help please.

I have 4 160GB HDD’S in RAID0 And windows seven is installed on that.

I have a 1TB HDD that was split into 2 partitions, 440gb and 480gb

I had files i wanted to keep on the 480gb partition and i wanted to install suse on the 440gb partion.

So, during install i set all the partitions manually, I made a 2gb for swap, a 20gb for root and the rest for /home

But dispite this suse still messed with my other 3 HDD’S and killed the raid and also buggered the other 480gb partition.

Ive just got my raid fixed and windows installed again and im recovering my files from the 480gb partition.

So i can i get suse to install just on that one drive or partion with out it messing up my raid?



Is this fake raid?

what raid controller is being used?

Fake raid?

Im using the on-board Intel ICH10R RAID controller on my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR)

The raid chips that are included on most main boards are often what are referred to as fake raid.

They require a driver to get the CPU to do the work for them.

If you run a live CD with Gparted for example what does this show your partitions as?

I dont have a live CD atm. I have the DVD ISO.

If it helps any, the suse install wanted to partition my raid disks witch where showing as sde so i set the partitions my self on ssd witch is my 1tb HDD. But dispite telling suse setup not to touch my raid disks it did anyway >:(

Ill try and get the live cd and get a screen shot of gparted

I would look at Parted magic for this,I think its about a 70MB download.

From that live CD posting the output of

su -

follow that with your su password then this

fdisk -l

In a console. This may be useful.