Raid not recognized

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I didn’t know where to post, but as I encounter this problem already during install, I will post my question here.

I have got a mid-aged server which i upgraded with a simple SATA-Raid-Controller with a VT6421A chipset.

I attached two Samsung 750 GB Hard disks and created directly after the POSt screen a nice Raid 1 array. Ubuntu will recognize it as well as windows (which I would never ever use… ;-)).

SuSE 11.1 (we need this OS for confirmity) will simply just recognize both disks in the partitions overview. The point “RAID” remains empty.

Are there any hints out there how I can enable the whole raid stuff in open suse? Do I need to integrate other drivers / modules to get thinks working?

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Are you saying you used the fake raid using a chipset driver, rather than mdraid?

You may need to load module, install from DVD or Net Install rather than Live CD which is for desktop. When you have Ubuntu running, an “lsmod” as root ought to tell you what driver modules are loaded. The name should be constistent with openSUSE.

If you used a proprietary chipset fake RAID format, I don’t think that was the best decision for compatability reasons (you make your data dependant on that chipset in that box using some proprietary format). I’d much rather use md devices, unless it was a proper hardware RAID controller with battery backing.

Dear Rob,

thanks for your reply.

I use an add on PCI Card to connect both hard disks to it and to build the raid array - it’s not a software raid or an onboard controller!

I checked everything an sata_via is loaded. It also recognizes both hdds but only as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.

I also tried to install from the latest DVD and from a net install, both without result, unfortunately. I have really no idea what else I could to currently.

lsmod on ubuntu wasn’t possible anymore, as the system has already been removed from the server.

Regards, Jan

Is it a (usually SCSI) hardware RAID controller or a cheap driver based “fake” (usually IDE) RAID one, which is really software driver based but hidden from you?

I think it looks like Fake RAID in which case, you can make life simpler, by using mdraid once you have a way to recover any data you require.

The alternative is to follow what I said about finding driver module, and loading that. Every section of my first answering post was significant!