RAID Not Found When Rebooting After New Install of open SUSE 13.1

Hi All,

I just got finished installing openSUSE 13.1 where it found the Logical RAID volume , partitioned it (I think), and installed openSUSE and all the selected packages.

Upon install completion, I restarted the server.

At first boot and after the Welcome screen (with DVD still in drive since it did not tell me to remove all media) I selected “Boot from Hard Disk” and then selected “openSUSE 13.1”

The initial openSUSE desktop screen and just sat there until I pressed the “Break” key and form the follow messages:

Trying manual resume from /dev/sda1
resume device /dev/sda1 not found (ignoring)
Trying manual resume from /dev/sda1
resume device /dev/sda1 not found (ignoring)
Waiting for device /dev/root to appear:…Could not find /dev/root.
Want me to fall back to /dev/sda2? (Y/n)

I tried to answer with “Y” and “y” but no system response.

The server is a generic server with an Intel Server Board S500PLS SATA D44771-805 with Intel SCSI board SRCU42E using three Seagate ST373207LC Drives.
I did create and initialize the Logical Volume as RAID 5.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?


It is unclear what type of RAID. There are 3 types software/hardware/FAKE (BIOS assisted)

It is hardware with BIOS assist.

So FAKE. True hardware is different. FAKE just helps the boot then drivers must do the magic. With Real hardware the RAID is transparent and the drive just looks like normal drives all the magic is done at the hardware level. So if you are using BIOS assisted RAID then you may need drivers. The RAID card you reference is marked as end of life. The earlier FAKE RAID chips were may not have made it into the kernel.