raid level 1

hi for study i’ve installed opensuse 11.1 on my pc, i want to create a raid 1 set of hdd.
I’ve choose the LVM configuration and after i’ve created 3 partition on every disk:
1)30 gb ext3
2)4096 mb swap
3)115 gb ext3
after this operation i’ve choose the raid menu and joined the twin partitions(except the swap partitions). ok the question is: it’s all ok?
what’s th e difference a rid level with or without lvm?
there is a howto guide to build a solid raid level?
i’m italian, sorry for my english.

one more question,is there something wromg in my configuration?

heeeeeelp me!

> heeeeeelp me!

i can’t help more, i’ve never had or set up a raid before…

Andy Sipowicz

I read your post repeatedly, but still am not sure of what you are after. I am doing raid on my machine, though it is for a server, using md.

The boot drives are split as /dev/md0 and /dev/md1, as I have 2 partitions on the boot drives (80GB), with 100MB for /boot and the rest as LVM.

I also have RAID 10 (1E) on 5 1TB drives as /dev/md3.

what are you trying to accomplish?