raid edition hdd for software raid ??

On a server I have several arrays, software raid 1.
For this I’m using special raid edition hdd (wd re2, re3). Everything is working fine ( >300 days).

Now I’m going to upgrade one array (2 320gb hdd) to 1T and I’m asking myself if I really need to buy those expensive hdd (100% more expensive) ?

does software raid can work as good as using regular hdd instead of re2/re3 series ???

My concern is : data safety > stability > price.


My first though was how different are those “RAID edition” drives to normal ones? Do they have some special options/features?

I’d buy 4 normal drives for the price of those 2 “RAID edition” drives and keep 2 of them as a spare :slight_smile:

hi, thanks for replying,
beside using less power, running colder and specially made to run 7/7 (as they say :wink: ), those raid edition have a specific TLER (time-limited error recovery).
Using standard hdd is supposedly dangerous because the raid controller might drop a drive from the array.
Ok, but does software raid really care ??? does software raid do a “virtual tler” by himself ??? Can’t found any doc.