RAID drivers

I tried to install openSUSE 11 on raid 0, it was installed normally, but after the first reboot the sysytem keeps restarting after the Grub menu. It wasn’t so when I installed it on a single drive so I believe the reason for restarting is the raid. May be the lack of drivers.
When I installed xp, I had to provide the raid drivers, should I do that to install openSUSE also? and which drivers are suitable for raid controller integrated in Asus M3A78-EMH?

Have you seen this post? : How to install openSuse 11 on BIOS Raid0 (FakeRaid) - openSUSE Forums

Could be that’s what you are looking for…?


Thanks for the reply, but I installed OS from DVD and there were no error messages. I think, I’ve got Grub installed, as there’s a boot menu with OS’ selection.
Should I download a LiveCD image and try installing from it?

Hmmm… that is different. It could be related though? I haven’t run into a situation of grub rebooting like your having.

Grub has a small but powerful shell that can be used to trouble shoot.

This post might help you (with a first) troubleshoot:
Re: GRUB Reboot Loop

It’s a different issue, but the solution could be the same.

Hope that helps,

From my experience in trying to use onboard asus raid drivers on several asus boards. They are no good.

I bought a Promise RAID card, and used that instead, they have way better supported suse drivers and proper install instructions.

Like XP, you will have to provide the drivers during the OS install.


Thank you for answers.
I decided not to make RAID and exchanged 2 HDs for a bigger one.
I’m sorry, I hadn’t had enough information about the ASUS RAID controller before (it wasn’t well documented) and wasted your time and mine.

Too bad it did not work out as you intended primarily…

No waste here, just some more knowledge gained on theses on board RAID’s… :wink: