RAID Controller based on SiI3124 supported?

Any chance to get a noname SATA RAID controller based on the Silicon Image Chip SiI3124 (PCI/PCI-X to 4 Port SATA300) up and running (in RAID5 config) in my openSuse 11.0 ?

The actual “HKL/IO-Karten” does only show two controller cards but not the one in question here. BTW: openSuse 11.0 is not mentioned in this category at all…

Any help is appreciated very much.

  • hardy

Looks like I could have answered my question by myself:shame:

I found out that since kernel v2.6.19 the module “sata_sil24” would support the SATA RAID controller in question here.
The module description reads: “Driver for Silicon Image 3124/3132 SATA-2 controllers”.

Nevertheless I would appreciate any comments on that low-budget RAID controller. Also I was wondering if my system could boot from a RAID5 disk array on that controller.