RAID 10 Help

Hey guys,

I’m switching over from Fedora to try openSUSE out :slight_smile: Anyways, I’ve been trying to find a really detailed guide on how to setup RAID 10 during installation. I can’t seem to find a guide anywhere. Can anyone give me a walk through, or show me a link with a walkthrough? I would like to setup RAID 10 using software.

Many Thanks!

Not sure about Raid 10 but this is a good guide:

How to install openSUSE on software RAID - openSUSE

I saw that earilier, but it doesn’t show RAID 10 :frowning: However, it does say this during the instructions:

After you have created these partitions with identical sizes on both drives, press the button called RAID. Select which setup of RAID you want. You can choose between RAID 0 , 1 and 5.

* For /swap we chose RAID 1
* For /boot we have to choose RAID 1(only allows RAID 1)
* For / we chose Raid 1 (or 0 depending on whether you want speed and more disk space or stability)
* For /home we chose RAID 1 (or 0 depending on whether you want speed and more disk space or stability) 

If I do / and /boot as RAID 1, and / and /home as RAID 0, will that give me RAID 10? I’m pretty sure it won’t, but I figured I would ask just in case.

Thanks for your help 106666!

As i said not sure about 10, to be honest i don’t think Linux Software Raid supports Raid 10, but don’t quote me on that im no Raid expert as you can see from my post on here im having my own troubles with a Raid 5 setup so any help with Raid setups is needed as i don’t think the documentation covers enough of the subject.

I found this on the Novell website:

Novell Documentation

It is talking about SLES and not OpenSUSE but as they are the same it might work???

I was able to do RAID 10 in Fedora. So it can be done, but granted it was a different Linux platform. I agree with you, I wish there was more documentation.

Thanks for the link, I looked at it, but not too much that I can understand :\