RAID 1 on Rebuild status

I had a power outage and my server show the status of the RAID (Rebuild).
My RAID is RAID1 with 2 x 500 GB HDD SATA.I have a hardware RAID builtin(SuperMicro Server).

My server runned in Emergency mode too.i made a fsck of the filesystem with a Rescue CD.
Now the system starts normaly (not in emergency mode).

But only the light of one HDD flashes.(i think the RAID is not ok)

Any idea about this???

What version??

Im using openSUSE 13.2

Sorry its openSUSE 13.1 not 13.2

Does the RAID1 autorebuild or do i have to execute or make something to make it start rebuilding???

Depends on the actual type of RAID. ie BIOS assisted(FAKE)/software/true hardware. But in general if the RAID is not in sync (with RAID 1) then the rebuild should just happen. But it all depends on the details.

My RAID is BIOS assisted.
So it means that i have created a RAID1 via BIOS and then i installed the openSUSE 13.1 server.

Are there any other information i should provide ??

Because when i press CTRL-I in bootup and enter the RAID Menu i says Volume with 'Rebuild 'status will be rebuild within the operating system.

Should i restart the server to see if the rebuild is done ?? or theres no need te restart it ??

Ok I’m confused and I think you are too LOL

What you describe seems to be a FAKE (BIOS assisted) RAID So no the BIOS does not control the RAID array the OS does. It is a cross between software RAID and true hardware RAID. So yes the OS has to run too rebuild the array

Might want to read a bit