RAID-1 and Driver

Hi people, i’m italian boy.
I install an array with 2 HDD in raid-1 on a HP server, now i’ve a problem.

I will install a driver for RAID ( Driver RAID software SATA e SAS Intel® ESRT-2 per LInux*](
it ask me to install it the driver with a floppy diskette but my server not have a floppy and i’ve not a USB floppy.

How to install the driver in another mode?
And, is necessary to install this driver or openSUSE recognize it during the installation?

Please help me, it’s more important.

have a good day;)


You’ll probably find the Net Install CD or DVD Install have a driver for your server hardware already. Particularly as it’s an Intel, they have been good about FOSS drivers for their kit. Partly because they use a lot of Linux internally, much to MS’s ire :slight_smile:

But if you’re installing 11.2 rather than 11.1, you may note other’s have had difficulties building RAID sets, with the installer. I should in that case, just build simple /boot, / & swap (/usr, /tmp & /var to your taste) in ordinary system partitions to begin with and plan to build RAID devices yourself (possibly after updates come).

Ok…thank you.

Now another question:
Is there a software management for raid into the o.s.?

Yes. The YaST Partioner can in GUI (or terminal ncurses UI) create RAID sets for you, last time I looked though, it didn’t allow to begin with “degraded mirror” and then add partitions to the mirror, so I prefer to do it by hand and mdadm(8).

RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 & 0+1 are all easy.