Radeon open source driver

How do I enable the open-source Radeon driver?
I have 10.3 and an ATI X1250.
Thank you for any help.

What desktop environment you running?

translucentSabre wrote:

> Hello,
> How do I enable the open-source Radeon driver?
> I have 10.3 and an ATI X1250.
> Thank you for any help.

Boot in runlevel 3. To do this you can type 3 when you see boot menu.
You will see text mode login:
Login:root <press Enter>
Password: <give here root password and press Enter>
There is no visual feedback in text mode like stars in GUI, so just type in
and press Enter.

Now run program:
sax2 -m 0=radeon
it will replace nvidia driver with readeon.

Regards, Rajko

I have not yet tried Rajiko’s advice, but I think that I am currently not using nvidia driver but the proprietary ati driver and think that the open source one will serve me better.

Oh and for MadHag: KDE3

I remember the days when you just went into sax2 and just clicked the enable 3D box :slight_smile:

Well for some reason, my card is able to do 3d but right now I can’t even get smooth 2d video out of it.

Ok I tried Rajiko’s method and it said:

SaX: no X-Server is Running
SaX: will start own server if needed
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: Depth24
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: Radeon
SPP: calling device [0] profile script: Radeon
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: FireGL.addon
SPP: prepare device [3] profile: synaptics
SPP: calling device [3] profile script: synaptics
SPP: including prepared profile(s)…

Sax: startup

xc: sorry could not start configuration server
xc: for details refer to the log file:
xc: abort…

I’m posting this but I’m going to look into that log file

You might want to uninstall all and get the driver from the ATI site, login as root and create/put the file in /ati and then go through the list of packages needed and install them, then read the installation destructions :slight_smile: and maybe it will work. I did it in Parsix the other day and it worked a treat.

Is the Linux Catalyst driver ok for your card though?

translucentSabre wrote:

> I’m posting this but I’m going to look into that log file

You can post it on http://pastebin.com and post only URL here.

Regards, Rajko
http://en.opensuse.org/Portal needs helpful hands.

I actually just wanted to get decent video for my comp. I now have it fixed, thank you all for your help.

It depends on your needs.

The open-source radeonhd driver is normally installed by default if you have an X1K series or above with 11.0 GM; however, the caveat is that 3D is not supported at all. (That means no desktop effects, compiz-fusion, or 3D gaming.)

I, like you, am running the closed-source (fglrx) driver (X1650PRO AGP) with 11.0 GM; however, I wanted the accelerated desktop and gaming-in-3D options, which meant that the fglrx driver was my only choice.

I have a notebook with a ATI X700 mobile and wanted to try the latest opensource driver for it. The 6.9 version has just come out:
[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.9.0](http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-announce/2008-June/000596.html)

Any instruction on how to install this?


I am running with the radeon driver since that is the only one that works with my laptop.

I get 3d effects runnign though maybe not as smooth as on most computers.

I pretty much looked at compiz fusion then got bored and shut it off after a day, and just let the basic KDE4 effects run.

I can also play some 3d games.

There is a certain level of limitation if I try a high end game I am sure, but for my needs the radeon driver isn’t totally incapable of 3d stuff, and it doesn’t say I can’t do any 3d stuff either.

can you tell how you’ve done it?