Radeon HD4870 white screen

Ok, so I upgraded from a Radeon X1550 connected to a 19in Samsung widescreen monitor to an HD4870 connected via DVI-HDMI cable to a 32in LCD TV. At first x-serve wouldn’t even boot to the login screen after swapping out the cards. A reinstall of openSUSE 11.0 fixed that, but everything was in 1024x768 so time for the driver install. I installed the drivers from ATI, rebooted, logged in, and WHAMMO! White screen and mouse pointer, that’s all I got. I’m lost. What do I do?

Also, does anyone have any advice on how I can get this to dual boot with Server 2008 Datacenter Edition? Thanks!

when you reboot don’t load up ( in Grub menu) the default opensuse load up the other one ( forgive me I don’t remember the name) and it will boot to your desktop then go to your etc/xorg.conf see which driver is loading. if you installed a new driver like fglrx then see it it matches the same one on xorg if not change it to that driver ( which ever driver you installed. that happened to me I installed the fglrx driver for my 33870 card and when I rebooted I only had the white screen so I just did what I just told you to do and it fixed the problem

Thanks a bunch! Now if only I can figure out my dual-boot woes…

Dual-boot problem fixed! Thanks