radeon hd tweaks for 3d

anyone know some specific tweaks for radeonhd 3d support ?

dont everyone jump at once

What is a “radeonhd 3d” tweak? Are you refereing to the radeonhd software driver ? Are you refering to radeonhd hardware ? Are you refering to both? Exactly which radeonhd hardware are you referring to ?

Did you take a look at our how to section area ? In particular this thread (take a look at post#1 and ALSO post#11 in that guide): openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

… beyond the information contained in the above link, I can offer no suggestions. I do note 64-bit openSUSE-11.2 , with the proprietary ATI Catalyst version 10.2 graphic driver, with special desktop effects enabled, runs well on my Dell Studio 1537 laptop which has an ATI Radeon HD3450 graphic hardware.

now im sewriously confused. you told me the 10.2 ati driver wouldnt run on my hardware in suse 11.2

the tweaks i speak of are the same the driver would offer in its software.

zlost1, I answer so many threads, I do not remember all the user handles, nor do I remember their hardware. Nor do I have time to research every user’s past post to see what was dicussed by them , in the past.

So if you can’t answer the questions I asked, then I can’t help you. I am definitely NOT going to go surfing details that you fail to provide in your post.

Sorry. Someone ELSE will have to help you.

im sorry i bothered asking anyone from the linux community.

Don’t forget we are all volunteers. We don’t get paid for this. We take time away from our own hobbies and our families to try and help users. If users who want the help can not be bothered to answer the necessary questions, why should we, who are volunteers, spend lots of time trying to dig up the information on their graphic drivers, their config files, what they have tried, their past thread history for them ? Especially given we could get their details wrong?

If you expect us to tell YOU what YOU have on YOUR PC, then truly the open source community is not for you.

But if you are willing to show that you will spend a bit of effort , then you will find a lot of effort returned.

But as noted, I am not going to research all of your threads to try and figure out your CURRENT configuration, when you could have changed it between now and then , and when you have the information at your finger trips.

Best wishes in your efforts where ever you end up.