Radeon HD 6950-6970

Hi all,
Is there anyone that knows if this graphics cards will be supported in linux relatively soon?

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The experience of many of us is that support for ATI graphic hardware under Linux tends to lag a bit.

IMHO it is likely one can get these cards to work with the FBDEV or VESA driver. But they are so new, they likely will not work yet with the radeon nor radeonhd nor fglrx drivers.

Yes you’re right. You get a “high end card” to use it to it´s full potential.

Unfortunately (from my perspective) this is an inherent problem with Linux, in that drivers for almost all new computer equipment, has a significant time delay before they are available. It often can be MANY months before a Linux driver for new hardware appears, and even worse many times it can be years before a satisfactory driver for new hardware for Linux appears.

Hence those who purchase “high end” computer equipment, are pretty much forced to use the proprietary operating system that has a monopoly on computers operating systems, that being Microsoft Windows. Its only after some time, after which a “high end” piece of equipment is no longer the newest equipment, that a Linux driver typically appears. Sometimes one can be pleasantly suprised, where a new driver for Linux comes out at the same time or even before an MS-Windows driver, but that is nominally rare. 99% of the time an MS-Windows driver will preceed a Linux driver by many months to years.

Of course the above is just my opinion, with my having been a somewhat cynical Linux user for 12 years, where I mostly do not buy “high end” equipment. I concede its possible my assessment may not be fully accurate.

Actually I always buy “new” hardware and rarely have a problem at all.

Now if you were to say that it is an inherent problem with ATI and has been for years and years I would have to agree with you.

oldcpu adjusted his/her AFDB on Fri 17 December 2010 10:36 to write:

> There is a related Phoronix thread here: ‘GPU - can’t get it to work -
> Phoronix Forums’ (http://tinyurl.com/2eopejp)
> The experience of many of us is that support for ATI graphic hardware
> under Linux tends to lag a bit.

Not only Linux support, there are no updated drivers for MS either.

The only Windows ones that work with the 68XX and above are a hacked/modified
version 10.10e from the ATI site.

I have been trying to get something out of the 10.12 version but so far no
luck for my 6870.

However the 10.10’s do let it do CL on SuSE so my BOINC workunits are flying
out here a lot faster than the older 4830 in another box:-)


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My friend has this graphics card and I will buy it. It is compatible with opensuse and all linux distros. But I can not find drivers for linux.