radeon driver opengl Support (lack of)

I’m an owner of a ATI mobility radeon X1300 card. Since ATI tagged my card as legacy, i’m stuck with the open source radeon drivers. Wich doesn’t bother me, as i know they are slower and openGL support doesn’t equal fglrx.

What does bother me is that the current version 7.9 dev. claims to have full opengl support up to 2.1.
I’m trying to use a extention that is part of the openGL version 1.3 and it’s failing. This is a known issue for a long time now and it really disappoints me. “Compressed textures” is what i’m talking about.

Is there any way to make sure that drivers aren’t tagged with something they support if they obviously don’t? I guess the KDE4 kwin vs drivers thing is the same as i’m trying to say now.

Drivers should be documented with what they effectively support and not what they should support.

What can I do to make this public to xorg developers? I could only think about posting this here as i have no idea where to put it elsewere. Could someone please point me in the right direction to where i should send this complaint?

Thank you.

Have a read of X.Org Wiki - Home

That’s something you should actually complaint to ATI. You can’t pretty much bash radeon driver because ATI doesn’t want to make their technology open… The specs from ATI ensure openGL 2.0 compatibility, they don’t mention nothing about 2.1. Either way, this should be something to bring ATI… after all, it’s ATI that is responsible for supplying drivers for your hardware!

Tip for the future: go Intel.