r8169 patch not workin in 11.1

i had some partition issues so decided to make things “simple” for myself and do a fresh install of 11.1 on my desktop. i have a source patch i had to compile when installing 11.0 and it no longer works and either need a new fix or help troubleshooting it. The filename is r8169-6.006.00.tar.bz2
OpenSUSE recognizes the r8169 device but when i plug in my cable the light is orange and nothing will make it green, and there’s no connectivity of course. the OS says everything is hunky dory but nothing.

“Patch” output:
install: cannot stat ‘r8169.ko’: no such file or directory

that’s the jist of it I think. Any ideas? thx

Network driver Realtek 8169 is already there in the kernel. So, why are you compiling it?