R - essential package rstan can not be installed because libv8-devel is unavailable

Hi R experts,

one of the essential packages for BAYES statistical analysis in R ecosystem is the rstan (family of) packages. rstan is not available as part of the openSUSE R packages which can be installed with yast or zypper. An install from cran mirros fails, because rstan depends on the V8 package, which can not be installed.

* installing *source* package ‘V8’ ...
** Paket ‘V8’ erfolgreich entpackt und MD5 Summen überprüft
** using staged installation
Using PKG_CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/v8 -I/usr/include/v8-3.14
Using PKG_LIBS=-lv8 -lv8_libplatform
----------------------------- ANTICONF ]-------------------------------
Configuration failed to find the libv8 engine library. Try installing:
 * deb: libv8-dev or libnode-dev (Debian / Ubuntu)
 * rpm: v8-devel (Fedora, EPEL)
 * brew: v8 (OSX)
 * csw: libv8_dev (Solaris)
To use a custom libv8, set INCLUDE_DIR and LIB_DIR manually via:
R CMD INSTALL --configure-vars='INCLUDE_DIR=... LIB_DIR=...'
--------------------------- ERROR MESSAGE ]----------------------------
<stdin>:1:10: fatal error: v8.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
ERROR: configuration failed for package ‘V8’

Looking for any libv8-devel package or something similar in the repos with yast shows no results.
It seems like since some years V8 support has been abandoned in openSUSE distributions. This is very sad.
There is a github repo for V8, https://github.com/v8/v8 but there is no way of cloning and compiling the sources in a way I am able to do. depot tools are needed. They are not available in TW too.

I would need rstan now for tidymodels https://www.tmwr.org/ and the course Statistical Rethinking by Richard McElreath https://github.com/rmcelreath/stat_rethinking_2020 His lectures on Youtube have several ten-thousands of views!
Does anybody have an idea how to get this going?

p.s. I am not sure whether this is the right subforum. My problem is installing V8 devel., so I thought this is the right place Should I ask elsewhere?

Issue solved for the moment at the R side: Installing V8 on Gentoo · Issue #94 · jeroen/V8 · GitHub
see there and other there linked issues.
In between I was also able to compile the V8 devel libs for Tumbleweed with the depot-tools. A very manual process, for me no way to automate that, because I am not an expert for such tasks. If somebody with more experience in maintaining packages would like my little contribution, please ask. Otoh, I had documented most here: Installation on openSUSE · Issue #103 · jeroen/V8 · GitHub

There’s a good chance that whatever you’re compiling might have been compiled and packaged, and is available as a simple download and install. Although packages might always be the very latest, they’re convenient and if they come from a special repo, sometimes you’ll find that the components are more likely to work together.

Although I wrote the following as a procedure to find missing dependencies, you can also apply to components as well



I had done a similar search before I had posted. E.g. the search for some libv8 on Search only gave packages last time compiled several years ago for other distro, like Debian 7 or Ubuntu 14, so useless for TW.
And with yast software management I also did an extended search for any package contaning the core missing file libv8.so.

Anyhow the solution for the issue in Linux distros not supplying libv8 has been posted by the R V8 maintainer here:

Did I overlook some libv8 for TW you could find?