Quicktime Video Previews

I was looking for some film info and ended up at the Apple quicktime website. Clicked on the video preview option (expecting nothing to happen) and it played in a kaffeine window.

What is the problem with that then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Try installing mplayer, mplayer plugin and the rest by following this tutorial? That should sort all your multimedia needs out.

I must add I did not try the apple website :wink:

Actually the best playback is achieved using RedDwarf’s gecko-mediaplayer in combo with the gnome-mplayer

sorry there is no problem at all - i was just surprised that it worked so effortless as i can remember may posts in the past saying that this was difficult to achieve.

Then don’t post in Multimedia… Post in general chat or the soapbox and name your thread ‘OpenSUSE is awsome at playing apple trailers!!’:stuck_out_tongue: