Quickcam not (completely) working with opensuse 11.3


My Quickcam Pro for Notebook is not completely working in opensuse 11.3, at least in Skype. The microphone is working but not the videocapture. The webcam is recognized in yast > hardware, though.
How can I check whether this is a problem with skype or with a missing package?


In order to verify your camera you can try one of: luvcview, fswebcam, mjpg-streamer or guvcview (guvcview is very good, but it’s a compile-it-yourself app for legal reasons; get it at GTK+ UVC Viewer). The others are available as packages:

software.opensuse.org: Search Results

Thanks vodoo,

According to luvcview, my webcam works just fine. Must be something with skype and opensuse 11.3. It was working on opensuse 11.2 (it could also another version of skype).

Thanks for the help.

There have been a few issues with skype and 11.3. Make sure that you have fulfilled all dependencies. There is quite some information in this thread. Maybe some of it helps in your case too.