Quick Way to get Gcc 4.5 on SuSE 11.0


is there a quick and easy way to get the gcc 4.5
compiler suite for 11.0?

I am reluctant to install any new version of OpenSuSE,
since it took me a while to get everything working.

Thanks and Best Regards


You realize 11.0 is end of life at June 30th 2010

Well, SuSE 11.0 won’t stop working on my laptop
at June 30th, right? I actually do not care
much how long updates are available, as long
as I can fix things by hand. So, is there
a solution for GCC 4.5?

Best Regards


I can’t see anything in the webpin or software search, which would be the ideal way to go. Anything different to that disqualifies me from helping you, as I am not well up on building from source even if that were possible.

Yes, your OS will keep working just fine.

You’ll probably have to build from source. It’s not hard, you just need some time and disk space to compile 3 times.