Quick Question

I’m fairly new to suse and was wondering if there is any way to theme firefox differently than everything else. I finally found a dark theme that works for every thing except firefox where some of the drop boxes and inputs can be hard to read. I’d like to use a light theme for firefox and the dark theme for everything else, any one know of a way to accomplish this?


You can theme your firefox with Firefox Themes.
If you want some light themes, I recommend you the iFox themes.

In dark firefox themes if the text is not visible in menu bar or drop down menus,

  1. Open

/home/USERNAME/.mozilla/firefox/YOUR PROFILE.default/chrome


  1. Add this at the end

menubar, menubutton, menulist, menu, menuitem {
font-family: helvetica !important;
font-size: 4mm !important;
color: white ! important;

change white to whichever color you want.