Quick Question..

Hi i have just installed the latest version of OpenSUSE and i would like to install a radio scheduling program called Rivendell.

To install the program is easy enough but there are some extra things the program needs to run and i cannot seem to find them in the software management console and on the OpenSUSE site itself.

i have managed to find most of the extra programs needed i just need these two


if anyone knows what these programs are and can help me i would really appreciate it

Many Thanks
Dean :slight_smile:

You can try on this site: RPM Search

I’ve made a quick research for the first library and it seems present only for 10.x versions of OpenSuse.

I had a quick look on RPM Search but as im new to this i cannot find packages i need to install… I guess im going to be abit of a noob for a while until i get the hang of things lol

Could anyone point me in the right direction of what im looking for?


Actually the best way would be compiling the program from source, but this could be not easy. Have you ever tried this way?

No i havent tried compiling from source. How would i go abotu doing that?

I’ve used the RPM from the older versions of Open SUSE, got mine at RPM Search libhpklinux3-3.06.03-0.pm.3.i586.rpm

(RPM Search using advanced search)

I couldn’t start the rivendell Daemon, but i’ll fix it soon…

By the way, how about installing Campcaster instead of Rivendell?

Hi Dean,

Did you ever get Rivendell installed? I want to install it too. But their web page has it for 10.2 and I have 11.2. Does anyone know if their 10.2 will work on 11.2?

Their latest install directions that I could find on their web page under documentation is: