Quick links to common answers

It would be fine a forum or create stickies for several common answers that are important for everybody like:

  • How to update to last version of KDE
  • How to install the multimedia codecs
  • How to make NTFS writable auto at startup
  • etc.

Have you checked out these two:
How To/FAQ (read only) - openSUSE Forums
Unreviewed How To and FAQ - openSUSE Forums

The fact is, the information already is on the forums and elsewhere on the site. But I agree that it should be
**- consolidated,

  • better organized and
  • made more prominent.**
    As it is, it’s scattered all over the place. A prominent and hierarchically structured newbie page would be really welcome – and not by newbies only. By hierarchical I mean something like a tree which would lead you clicking through the topmost level down to your specific interest. For instance, at the top of each subforum, before the stickies, would be a good place for such a gateway page. This is what it would look like on the Networking forum:
    Network cards >
    Wired/Wireless > (here you click on wireless and get transferred to):
    Atheros/Intel/Belkin/Broadcom/NetGear/Linksys etc. > (click on Broadcom)
    USB/PCMCIA/PCI/OnBoard > (click on OnBoard)
    All Broadcom Onboard chipsets > (click on your chipset)
    Configuring Ndiswrapper. (For some other chipset it would be “Configuring fwcutter” or whatever).
    This would allow the page to be extremely concise, well structured, and easily readable with a glimpse: sort of a problem solver, better than an ordinary sticky. And it should be a wiki, so that omissions/improvements may be added later on, making it a must-read for not only newbies. And last but not least, it would be easy to implement – in fact it wouldn’t have to be “written”, really, it would just have to link to all the good material that’s already on the site! IMHO, with such a guide, the forums would soon become a deserted place (which is not necessarily good) while user-satisfaction would soar to unseen heights.

Oops, got a little carried away…:wink:

I agree with u.
Each time someone posts a general very good answer, post it in a well known read only place where people can go for quick answers.