Questions on opensuse 11.2

Hi everyone!
I am new to OpenSuse.
I have tried OpenSuse 11.2 Milestone 7 with kde and gnome. Both run good but I have some troubles.
So, kde version do not read my audio cds. I have tried to listen my cd with kaffeine but I hear only a noise. then I have tried to navigate into my audio cd with dolphin but it show me this error message: “I can not read”.
With gnome, instead, everything run normally, but however, I can not navigate in my cd with Nautilus.
This is strange for me. I use Ubuntu with gnome, and when I insert into my pc an audio cd, it show me an icon on desktop. Then I can navigate in to my cd with nautilus.
So, I have a problem also with nepomuk.
When I tried to use it, it crash suddenly.
I have a question: why the slab menù in gnome version do not have a suse logo, but have only a little computer image?

Sorry for my english:P

All I can say is, if you are new to openSUSE than use the stable 11.1 and not the develop/testing version… Milestone releases are snapshots of the factory distribution…

Do NOT USE 11.2 at this time on a production system, wait till it is released… If not, it will probably eat your hamster…

Thank you!!

I suppose you speak from personal experience? :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t surprise me…

I suppose you speak from personal experience?

as a matter of fact, I am using factory… :slight_smile: and yeah I made my experience, my hamster is still alive but it was close :wink:
But I am not new to Linux or openSUSE so I can handle and solve most of the pain…

But naturally Milestone’s are nothing to start with when being completely new to a distro…

even though I just came back to openSUSE as my main system, after a few years of using an other Distribution… so I am happy to be back… openSUSE 11.2 will finally reach what I was waiting for since 10.0, and 11.2 will be a fantastic release…


Many thanks you all!
Now I will try opensuse 11.1.
But I have an another question: Where is the default desktop, kde or gnome?
You which of this advise for me?

Most openSUSE users use KDE, but SUSE’s gnome is also very well done.

I haven’t tried XFCE on SUSE.

If you have the DVD, you’ll have the choice of all of them…

If you are downloading a LiveCD, you have to pick - but you can add another desktop afterwards, and choose between them when you log in.

It’s very subjective which you should go for. Gnome is a little more like Mac in a way - it’s quite simple and minimalistic. KDE is very configurable, and a little bit more like Windows perhaps. XFCE is lightweight, and can be made to run very efficiently if you’re careful how you configure it.

I have got live cd of opensuse 11.1 with gnome and one with kde. but both do not run…
How can I solve?

When I said:

You which of this advise for me?
is it not correct?
Maybe I must say:
Which of this do you advise for me?

Thank you;)

How did you burn the downloaded images? As a file on a data-disk? That’s wrong. You should burn the image to disk; that way the content of the downloaded images would be burnt to disk, and make them bootable.
Next, tell the BIOS from your machine to boot from CD/DVD. Should work.

I have burned the downloaded images as an image, but it do not run.
It show me the “opensuse” screen but when the loading bar is full, I see only a black screen…

There is a wiki here, with a list of the liveCDs available for openSUSE: Live CD - openSUSE

For KDE I recommend KDE3: Carlos Gonçalves: Unofficial KDE 3.5 Live CD for openSUSE 11.1
For Gnome you can go with the official release:

Please note our stickie for installation: NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

Did you conduct an md5sum checksum comparision between the value given on the web site, and the ISO file after you downloaded it? Did you try the “safesettings” installation? Did you try a VESA or lower resolution installation?

What are the specs of the PC that you are trying to install this on?