Questions on current CD/DVD user level permission issues

I’ve been having the same or a similar problem as many others with regard to K3b and CD/DVD drives. In my case it is an Asus brand SATA CD/DVD burner and I installed games to WINE from their CD/DVD’s just fine; I can use Dolphin to browse files on CD/DVD’s but as soon as I fire up K3b with a disk in or then put a disk in the drive I get an error to the effect of there being no burner (writable drive) installed/mounted.

If, as has been suggested in numerous locations, I add a user to the disk group K3b does function without issue. However per the comment by ken_yap in THIS thread adding users to the disk group is a bad thing and given the reason he provides I can understand why. So I continued looking for a solution here and across the web.

With some continued digging around I found a ton of information but the stuff that stuck out most was the information HERE and HERE.

  • My first question becomes is the workaround provide by medwinz (first link) a more secure workaround than just adding a user to the “disk” group?

  • Assuming I haven’t messed with setting up ldap yet so it isn’t the factor noted in the second link; my second question is then if my output of

ls -l /dev/sr0

is in fact what is listed in the tips link (second link)

brw-rw----+ 1 root disk 11, 0  2009-01-05 14:37 /dev/sr0

then would an appropriate and secure solution be to somehow add the “users” group to /dev/sr0?

So if I am on the right track here where do I go to find documentation about the pro/cons and steps of adding user group permissions to /dev/sr0? I suppose it will be more complex than editing a text file like /etc/fstab since it’s a binary file. Or, and the more likely scenario, am I just a njub with no clue how clueless I am? :wink:


Thanks. That first link work great for me. I was having the same problem.