Questions gpt, mbr and multi booting

So it’s set to auto login? If so then you need to logout and select lxde in the dropdown (It may not appear until after you enter your name). Else fire up YaST /etc/sysconfig editor and change the window manager to lxde.

No - the problem was not creating an efi boot for it. Now I have done that grub2-mkconfig now shows both “distros”. I need to know which file to edit to change the boot menu titles? I can see which is kde by sda2 on the end but it would be better to change it to Leap 42.2 KDE. The other one - to IceWM just shows Leap 42.2.

I had to change the boot from icewm. The reason for that was the install without an efi boot. I looked at what had been installed and it contained lots of things I didn’t want plus not much in ~/.config etc. Lots missing in that area. There were loads of xfce desktop files installed. I selected xfce as it was offered and then later unchecked all of the xfce options out of the patterns and then selected lxde.

The installer doesn’t offer lxde as a distinct install so this time I tried minimum X windows then added lxde and checked what would be nstalled for that.Looked ok but the result was an 800x600 icewm desktop with the correct lxde applications. Also the window managers that should be used are about but no way to get them up and running, No mention of them in the auto start settings.

:’(So currently I have a sort of LXDE running on IceWM not openbox etc and am very probably missing the panel configuration files that should be there. Plus Firefox for instance is storing user data of / rather than ~ and no signs of other things that should be off ~ as well.

So having sorted out how to arrange to boot to another “distro” how do I get the correct software into it?

:shame:I needn’t have reconfigured the boot from icewm as my bios has a run uefi applications boot option. However a terminal is a terminal in kde.and icewm. The latter lol!was a bit big though.


I solved the icewm problem by un installing it. I’d checked that openbox etc was available. I now to have what I expected desktop wise on lxde. But …

The log in was via ?? looked like x windows and when I logged in an x terminal was available on the desktop so decided to change the window manager. Rather than just set it in the config editor I installed one first. Picked sddm and looked what would be installed.

:(A truly unbelievable amount of kde stuff. I unchecked opensuse branding and it selected some upstream branding. Much better, just qt5xml. Had to reboot and was then greeted via a full screen sddm login. It ,emntions USA but £ ~ and # type correctly.

:OAs you can see spell check isn’t working even though set in firefox. Which one should I install?

Major problem. I’m posting this on a 27" monitor running at 800x600 and no way to change. Any ideas of what to do to fix this and get the resolutions that should be available shown in the options? Also shows a 75Hz refresh which should be auto. I can just about post on here at 800x600.


My recommendation would be to start a new thread (with suitable title) specifically for this. It’s likely that a basic frame-buffer driver is in use. Review Xorg.0.log to help with the troubleshooting.

I thought it was worth adding to this thread due to the difficulty of getting a clean desktop install as it should be and as a result starting from icewm. Might be the same on other desktops. The problem seems to be X failing to find some nvidia related files initially, all that yast could find from std repo’s were installed. Then later it failed again and used a fall back mode. I installed the nvidia drive and that has fixed the resolution.

I didn’t follow the opensuse suggestions on installing the nvidia driver using YAST update. It also wanted to update many many things that I haven’t installed on LXDE. I just added the nvidia repo and did it with YAST install.

When installing I feel that the patterns need some attention. Some how I had tracker for instance and no applications that need it. :shame: PCmanFM search may do though. Not sure. Sad if it insists on using it. No signs of trackers settings gui being installed though. I’m seeing several signs that the package patterns need some attention. For instance I have a load of xfce desktop files but don’t think they are being used off /user/share/xfce4/rxo-1/helpers. One for instance is chromium which may be why yast update wanted to update it when there is no signs of it off the start button menu. There are many others like that in this directory. Even Kmail when lxde defaults to claws.

The only way I can find to fix firefox spell checking is to install their add on. It had the libre office one installed which I think abiword uses and have added aspell and ispell. From kde I get the impression that aspell is part of qt or the actual desktop. Not sure if the same can be done with openbox or gtk so that all apps use the same one.

I’m not sure what caused the user configuration to appear off ~ or $HOME as it’s now called at times. I didn’t check after uninstalling icewn. I suspect they were added due to installing sddm. The xdg directories were installed via installing icewm and lxde but no signs of the user local ones.

I now want to see if I can arrange for common firefox user settings and a common mailbox. The other desktops on are there as I am using a common /home directory. Also common /tmp and swap. The /var directories do need to be separate.

There was a huge update. Think I noticed a grub one. Rebooting didn’t seem to alter the boot up menu. Still showed the 2 leap options. To save searching for it I still hope some one will tell me which file to edit to make the boot up menu prompts more sensible.