Questions about the taskbar/panel and Avant Window Manager

Question 1)
When I close the windows of Banshee, Ktorrent, aMSN a little icon appear right below on the taskbar/panel.

But I try to use only a Avant Window Navigator, and not the taskbar/panel anymore. But that Icons don’t appear on the dock of AWN. When I closed the Banshee window the I can’t open it with AVN. Is there a way that this icons appear on my AWN dock?

Question 2)
If I get an answe on question number 1, I want to delete the taskbar/panel. How can I do that?

Question 3)
Is there a shortcut for ‘more applications’ that I can add on my AWN dock?

Question 3 is solved.
Rightclick on ANW dock > Dock Preferences
Launchers tab and then Add.
And the command is “application-browser”