Questions about partitions with linux vs ms

Just moved over form Windows, taken 2 days to get it on the machine but it was worth wow wow wow!

Im good with everything just a bit lost with the hard drives.

I have 1 HD, with the following partitions:

dev/sda1 linux
dev/sda2 Ext
dev/sda5 swap
dev/sda6 linux
dev/sda7 linux

sda1 is the primary partiton.
Sda2 is just the partition which contains the other 3 linux partitions, right?

When in the the file explorer, i do not see hard disk what is relating to what in the filesystem.

How do mount points work?

why is there a windows folder in the tree “filesystem” can i delete this?

Also have an unmounted bit of space but not sure what to mount it as?

The directories work a bit different in Linux than in Windows. In Windows You have C: D: etc.

In linux there is one single root directory / which contains all the other mountpoints.

Have a read here, Concepts - openSUSE.

thank you, so all hard drives will be seen as folders in the file system.

Exactly ! Drivers are also listed differently … take a look under /dev !

Or to list loaded drivers (which are typically kernel modules) type:

another neat couple of commands:

To see a confusing list of all partitions that your Linux can see, including external hard drives (even IF they are not mounted - although they have to be connected), type:
**su -c ‘fdisk -l’ ** #where that is a lower case “L”. enter root password when prompted.

and to see a list of mounted drives, type:
df -Th

More basic iinfo about this at: SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE

Once mounted an end-user will idealy not “know” if he does something with a file that happens to be on another partition. It is all part of the one big directory tree.